Executive Forum: Your Corporate Culture 6/27/2018

Executive Forum

"Ask not, what your people can do for your company;
Ask what they will do for themselves."

Executives From Our Industrial Members Only

Employees produce most when they are doing it for themselves.
Employees do it for themselves when they have a strong sense-of-ownership.
It is the one piece of culture that matters most. How do you create a strong
sense-of-ownership among your employees?
Come hear Bill Burnett talk about
how manufacturers have created this strong sense-of-ownership among their employees.
The source of this knowledge comes primarily from the practical inventiveness
of manufacturers, but is now also backed by science.

Competeability: How do you get your people to care as much about the business as you do?

In it, Bill will use true manufacturers stories to illustrate the practical steps you can take
to build that strong sense of ownership among your people.
The outcomes you get are higher productivity, better problem-solving,
and more innovation from your workforce. Bill will also talk a bit about the science
coming out of behavioral economics and neuroscience that help us fine-tune
our ‘sense-of-ownership’ tools.

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6/27/2018 3:00 PM - 5:00 PM
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