Spark Awards Committee 8/16/2018

Spark Awards Committee
Spark Awards planning is  on its way, but we need you to help make it a success.  Join us  for the next  Spark Committee as we plan and prepare for the  event!

We are BEYOND excited about our Benchmarking for Excellence Awards

There's going to be a VERY Different AND extremely cool NEW TWIST to it!    STARTING with the NEW Categories:  

1.        Workforce Development (which includes Developing Leaders/Career Awareness/Human Resources)
2.        Social Responsibility (which includes Sustainability-in the GREEN sense/and Community Service/Outreach)
3.        Operational Excellence (which includes Lean Operations/Quality/Sustainable Operations)
4.        Safety
5.        Innovation (which includes product and process)
6.        Culture

Here's where we need your help. We are working with some of our education partners to create new bench-marking criteria for each category.

Come help us with the following Next Steps: 

Create the questions for each category
Determine the amount of questions
Define the answers with descriptors (subjective to objective) How many points? Possible inclusion of a Text box for highest point answer descriptor
Consider what percentage levels of Bronze, Silver and Gold would be.
Determine all the Awards (Best in Category, Best in Overall, Individual award?)
Determine if we should split the categories into Divisions (large/small manufacturers) Revenue size? Employee Count?
Determine if we will have a separate or the same opportunity for Professional Service providers
Determine how we will promote it.
Determine what is the best application form for it.
1.        Companies who participate will receive a Spiderweb chart showing where they rank in each category.
2.        Companies who participate will receive a benchmarking report to show where they rank in the within the VIA.  
3.        Awards are inclusive, opportunity for all to receive recognition.
4.        Promotion of excellence and best practices in the region.
5.        Will give companies clear goals for improvement.

We need our best people on this - can you make it? 


8/16/2018 8:00 AM - 10:00 AM
Location: VIA Education Center 2000 S Batavia Ave Ste 110 Geneva, IL 60134-3308

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