Managing Teams 9/29/2020

Managing Teams
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 Join us VIRTUALLY for our only session of Managing Teams to be offered in 2020.

This 6 week VIRTUAL series explores different topics each week:

Clearly, teams are a vital part of every organization. We are depending on teams to use resources more effectively, solve problems more creatively, and provide greater productivity than individual employees working alone. This class helps to provide insight and skill in preparing for some of the challenges faced in our ever-evolving industries.  We look at dealing with negative attitudes, personal work habits, conflict, employee engagement, and managing our ever-changing landscape.

Challenging Negative Attitudes

  1. Assess and adjust your own attitude regarding your work situation
  2. Control the impact of negative situations
  3. Deal with negative people more effectively
  4. Determine how the explanatory styles contribute to pessimism or optimism
  5. Practice using disputation to enhance your optimistic side

Productive Work Habits: Develop and coach them

  1. Recognize the difference between true productivity and “fake” productivity
  2. Prioritize your daily work based on your key results
  3. Improve your ability to focus
  4. Eliminate habits that detract and cultivate habits that increase productivity
  5. Work effectively with colleagues

Taking Control over Conflict: Minimize Workplace Disputes

  1. Identify your preferred strategy for handling conflict.
  2. Understand the characteristics and drawbacks of each typical approach to conflict.
  3. Recognize the various sources of conflict that most often occur in the workplace.
  4. Implement strategies for effectively resolving conflicts that stem from each source.
  5. Practice behaviors that minimize tension and conflict.
  6. Proactively address issues before they escalate into problems.

Multi-generational Workforce

  1. Describe the changing workplace
  2. Identify the four generations in the workplace
  3. Describe the characteristics of the four generations in the workplace
  4. Identify potential challenges when interacting with the different generations
  5. Demonstrate techniques that foster respectful communication with different generations
  6. Develop an action plan to connect to all generations in your workplace

Employee Engagement

  1. Recognize the importance of knowing every employee as a unique individual.
  2. Identify each employee’s strengths and how to leverage them in the workplace.
  3. Show your support by minimizing obstacles that frustrate employees—including yourself!
  4. Create a career path and meaningful work for each employee.

Leading and Managing Change

  1. Evaluate the typical attitudes toward change and the signals of stress caused by change in the workplace.
  2. Understand your reaction to change, and the change cycle
  3. Recognize how change impacts organizations as well as individuals going through change.
  4. Recognize roles others can play to help advocate change
  5. Identify strategies to handle change resistance

Instructor: Evelyn Canabal of Professional Development Services

9/29/2020 1:00 PM - 4:00 PM
Central Standard Time
Virtual VIA
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