Stepping up to Lead 2/19/19

Stepping Up to Lead
Start investing in your team leaders and prepare them for their next step.

Leads ProgramĀ  (5 Sessions, 3 hours ea, $500 for Regular Member price)

There are leaders at every level in an organization; some may not have a management title. They might be trusted individuals that model behavior that other people follow. They may be individuals who stand out in the crowd, recognized by others because of their knowledge or skill. Regardless of where you see your future leaders, critical skill development will help them reach a higher level of professionalism at work.

The following five-week series has been developed to help entry-level leads, or future leaders understand important aspects of creating positive interactions with others through improved understanding of communication, collaboration, team building, accountability, and coaching others.

  1. Communication
    1. Understand the communication process
    2. Recognize how perceptions and viewpoints differ
    3. Listening effectively
    4. Learn techniques of effective questioning skills
  2. Skillful Collaboration
    1. Developing inward attitudes on collaboration
    2. Practicing outward behaviors to match inward attitudes on collaboration
    3. Building group collaboration
  3. Accountability in my Role
    1. Understanding accountability in my organization
    2. Recognize personal accountability behaviors
    3. Recognize the components of mutual accountability
  4. Positive Performance Coaching (impact)
    1. Training others on the job
    2. Giving feedback for positive performance
    3. Recognize reasons for non-performance
    4. Identifying potential solutions for the non-performer
  5. Rising Above: Making yourself indispensable
    1. Working under pressure
    2. Adapting to change
    3. Understanding initiative
    4. Contributing to my department goals
2/19/2019 8:00 AM - 11:00 PM
Location: VIA Education Center 2000 S Batavia Ave Ste 110 Geneva, IL 60134-3308
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Tuesday, 19 February 2019


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