Root Cause and Analysis- Problem Solving Tools Interactive 4/20/18

Root Cause and Analysis- Problem Solving Tools Interactive 4/20/18
Problem Identification & Root Cause Analysis

Friday, April 20, 2018 

8:00am – Noon
$120 Member/$145 Non-Member

How often are you faced with issues that linger and do not seem to go away?

How much time do you spend solving the same problems over and over again?


It is important for manufacturers to continually strive to eliminate undesirable outcomes, chronic problems and customer complaints. The tendency in many companies is to treat the symptom rather than the underlying fundamental cause that is actually responsible for the errant situation.


In this four-hour session, participants will learn how to define a problem, and using group exercises, gain a basic understanding of the tools and techniques used to solve the problem through root cause analysis. The high-level course quickly describes the methodologies and skills used to identify the origin or source of problems, including breaking down the problem definition and deriving good problem statements.

Through an overview of different analytical tools, such as pareto analysis, histograms, flow charts, and cause and effect (fishbone) diagrams, participants will learn the various ways to identify and understand the root cause of an adverse process performance and how to begin structuring strategies for on-site improvements.


4/20/2018 8:00 AM - 12:00 PM
VIA Education Center 2000 S Batavia Ave Ste 110 Geneva, IL 60134-3308

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