Benchmarking for Excellence Committee 7/19/19

Benchmarking for Excellence planning for 2019-2020 is  on its way, but we need you to help make it a success.  Join us  for the next  Committee.

It's that time... we need to start thinking about BENCHMARKING FOR EXCELLENCE 2019-2020!   

You may recall...  

We have 6 categories:

1.        Workforce Development (which includes Developing Leaders/Career Awareness/Human Resources)
2.        Social Responsibility (which includes Sustainability-in the GREEN sense/and Community Service/Outreach)
3.        Operational Excellence (which includes Lean Operations/Quality/Sustainable Operations)
4.        Safety
5.        Innovation (which includes product and process)
6.        Culture

Here's where we need your help...

1. We need your Feedback on the Questions.

2. We need your help implementing a Change!

3. We want you to be "in the know" so you can help us Spread the Word...

We need our BEST people on this-  Can you make it?


7/19/2019 9:00 AM - 11:00 AM
Location: VIA Education Center 2000 S Batavia Ave Ste 110 Geneva, IL 60134-3308

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Leadership Training ~ 

   Stepping up to LEAD

Class Begins July 9, 2019