Sales Professionals: Provocation 6/22/18

Sales Professionals
Professional Development for VIA members that have a role of Sales or Business Development.

Join us for an interactive workshop just for Professionals who have a Sales or Business Development Role.

“Prospect’s Don’t Buy a Solution for a Problem They Don’t Know They Have” - Seth Godin

Provocation-based selling can make the difference between
‘check with me again later in the year’ and ‘when can we get started’.

No matter what your industry, product, or customer-base is like,
Provocation-based selling provides a way for you to build a deeper,
stronger, and more rewarding relationship with your customer…
regardless of the economic conditions.

Provocation-based selling is an important tool for
every sales professional to have at their disposal.

Thank you to our facilitator Ray Ziganto of Linara Interantional

THANK YOU also to Focal Point Coaching and Training who are our Sponsors for the meeting! 

Location: VIA Education Center, 2000 S. Batavia Ave in Geneva

Open to MEMBERS of the VIA only 
Complimentary to Members in Current Standing

6/22/2018 7:30 AM - 9:00 AM
VIA Education Center 2000 S Batavia Ave Ste 110 Geneva, IL 60134-3308

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